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O noua leapsa cu melodii,ca tot stiu ca va plac :)) .

Put your music player on shuffle....use the song titles as your answers

Story of your life...

What should they have played when you were born?: Demi Lovato - Lo que soy
What song will people play at your funeral?: Cascada - Everytime we touch
What song will you play at your wedding?: DaOne - Album de amintiri
What song will you play at your 50th birthday party?: Will.I.Am ft. Cheryl Cole - Heartbreaker

If you get your dream life...

What song will you dance to when you win the lottery?: Cheryl Cole - Happy Hour
What song will you play when you get your dream job?: Eminem ft. Rihanna - Love the way you lie
What song will you play when you discover your own island?: Kelly Clarkson - Behind these hazel eyes
What song will you play when you rule the world?: Cheryl Cole - Heaven
What song will you play when you're in heaven?: TM - De ce

What song makes you feel....

Happy: The Rasmus - Living in a world without you
Sad: SR-71 - Truth
Sexy: Dj Andy ft. Stella - Freedom
Angry: Nickelback - Next go round
Jealous: Laura Jansen - Mama Do
Flirty: Guesswho ft. Camuflaj - Viseaza
Evil: Enigma - Gravity of love
Innocent: Cheryl Cole ft. Will.I.Am. - 3 words
Beautiful: Vescan ft. Ligia - Ea .. El
What song makes you feel like you're an armadillo?: Jordin Sparks - Battlefield
What song makes you feel like you can fly?: Simona Nae - Vino langa mine
What song makes you cry?: Simona Nae ft. Connect-r - Spune'mi cine
What song makes you feel like dancing?: Rafaga ft. Ady Korect - Sabes
What song makes you feel like being emo?: B.U.G. Mafia ft. Jasmine - Cu talpile arse
What song makes you feel like a donut?: Ashley Tisdale - Crank it up
What song reminds you of your childhood?: Simplu - O secunda
What song reminds you that life sucks?: Solo - Povestea unui sfarsit
What song makes you eat compulsively?: El Negro - Ploaia
What song makes you nervous?: Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings
What song makes you need to pee?: Usher - Just like me

This song describes...

Yourself: Massari - Real love
Your mom: Loyal - A doua sansa
Your dad: Ben Moody ft Anastacia - Everything burns
Your best friend: Lady Gaga - Big girl now
Your stalker: Bitza ft. Keo - Eu inca plang,tu inca plangi
Your school: P!nk - So what
Your life: Varsity - All of me
Your death: Vrak ft. Obsesiv - Film real
Your attitude towards life: Eminem - 25 to life

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